Because not all heroes wear a cape...

It took a year-and-a-half of research, travelling throughout the country, knocking on doors, sitting in cafés and cross-referencing information, to finally find them.

They are fifteen in number. Men and women, young people, old people, people living in the town or the countryside. They are the “invisible heroes”. They do not wear capes, they are not famous, but they achieved something extraordinary for their country or their community, without expecting anything in return. They are called Yamina, Saadia, Abdelmajid, Abderrazzek, Basma, Béchir, Iyed, Raouaa, Zied, Ghassen, Lassaad, Emna, Haythem and Salah.

Following his long journey during which he sought out, identified, met and filmed them, Sélim Ben Hassen persuaded the four main television channels in Tunisia not only to broadcast the interviews with them for a whole month in a prime-time slot, but to do so simultaneously. Despite the fact that they had differing agendas, the channels accepted the challenge. Thirty days later, the whole country came to know the faces and names of these everyday heroes who, all the while remaining in the background, decided to make a commitment to other people.

Beyond the record TV audiences and tens of millions of views on social networks, it was the thousands of messages of thanks and gratitude sent to them from across the entire country that made this project such a success.